Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Joys

I already announced what we are having but if you didn't hear take a look at the ultrasound pictures above!

Yes we're having a baby boy! Three boys in our house, what a wonderful adventure! My appointment went very well. The ultrasound tech let all four of us in the ultrasound room. It made it especially nice for Curtis and Elijah. This was Curtis' first ultrasound for this pregnancy. He said it was really good and encouraging to see baby. Elijah enjoyed asking questions about the ultrasound machine and helping put the ultrasound goo on my tummy. :] The next best step would have been a hands on play time with the warm goo! Nate stayed in his umbrella stroller perched on Curtis' knees. He did point and try to join in conversation. Baby was kicking my bladder the entire time! He moved his arms and legs quite a bit, yet didn't want to turn so we could get a good profile pic. I guess, like we all do, found his comfy spot and didn't want to move!
My appointment with the nurse practitioner went very well and quickly. The ultrasound showed no growth with the new fibroid. It is also in the best place on the back of the uterus wall. That is a huge praise! It concerned me it might become a problem.
After my appointment I went for my one hour glucose test. It came back one point higher then normal. The doctor gave me a choice to either wait a few more weeks for the two hour glucose test or get referred directly to Joslin Diabetes center for gestational diabetes. I chose the referral because I had GD with both Elijah and Nate. The GD started out one point over even after the second test but the last months(two with Elijah and 2.5 weeks with Nate) of pregnancy I need insulin. I find the appointments at Joslin to be very encouraging and helpful. I also need a new tester for keeping track of my blood glucose levels.
I was suppose to call Joslin today but woke up in pain. After my first bathroom visit I decided I must be getting a urinary tract infection. As the morning went on, the pain only increased. So much I was just continually on the verge of tears. I called my OB office and asked what I should do. The receptionist told me she would call me back. They don't usually see patients with UTI issues. I didn't want to deal with my primary care physician on base for this issue. They don't want to see pregnant women at all during the pregnancy so they are very hard to deal with. I got a call back and was told since it's Friday they would call in a lab for me. I also had a prescription waiting for me at the Stop and Shop pharmacy. This was all great news. I just had to wake Nate up from his morning nap and get the boys loaded up in the Highlander. Then pick up Curtis so I could take care of the lab without two little boys in the bathroom with me. It wasn't a fun trip, frequent bathroom visits and continual pain. Thankfully I got through the lab after waiting 20 minutes. Then picked up my prescription. The pharmacist reminded me to take it with food. We ran back to Curtis' office so he could wrap everything up there. Then we were at home eating lunch! I really enjoyed nap time this afternoon, first time this week I took a nap! I'm very grateful for tylenol, sleep and antibiotics!
I've started feeling baby move when I put my hand on my tummy. He seems to have the most movement on the right side. It is an encouraging results of his growth!
I'm at 20 weeks now! Half way through my pregnancy! We are playing around with a few names, but I want to wait to announced it until he is born.
My next appointment is May 8th! I should be getting another ultrasound that day, and hopefully he'll move around for some good front profile pics!


Elizabeth said...

Congrats....that's wonderful!!!

I'll be praying for you all.


Elizabeth said...

I love the new's so cute !!

Elizabeth said...

YAY!!!! Congrats on the new baby!! Ben is soooo cute :) Wish I could hold him now!

Hope you and the family are doing well!!

Love, Elizabeth

p.s. can't wait for more pics :)